It is becoming increasingly evident, the growing challenge of climate change and the urgency to minimize the impact of Man in the deterioration of the environment.

The dominant cause has been emissions from human activity that upset the atmospheric balance. Burning fossil fuels, general industrial pollution and deforestation are some of the critical sources of CO2 emissions, the main gas contributing to the problem.

The solution lies in the use of more renewable resources of biological origin, as is the case of wood of sustainable origin.

Renewable resources require less energy and result in:

  • Production, use and disposal of low emissions compared to those produced by man;
  • At the same time they are recoverable, recyclable and reusable.

Wood grows with the energy of the sun. In the production cycle, energy is used only to cut the tree, process it and transport it.
Furthermore, the carbon dioxide released into the global system is absorbed by growing trees, thus avoiding increasing the greenhouse effect. Each cubic meter of wood contains about 1 ton of CO² captured from the atmosphere.

Greenhouse warming is imminent and has never been more present than it is today. However, the global warming potential of wood is low, thanks to the fact that it has:

  • A low water emission index. By the way, forests regulate the water cycle, prevent flooding and create clouds;
  • A positive atmospheric emission index. Productive forests are the most powerful clean air technology on the planet, absorbing CO² and releasing oxygen;
  • A negative carbon impact.

The European Union created the Build-in-Wood project.

This EU initiative for sustainable wood construction is a Europe-funded Horizon 2020 project with the aim of dramatically increasing the proportion of wood construction. With the urban population growing continuously and climate change becoming an urgent issue, the challenge is to create quality, affordable and environmentally friendly housing.

Duration: 09/2019-08/2023
Total Budget: 10 M €
UE Financing: 8.6 M €

Green Building is the future: wood is an attractive material because it has a low carbon footprint, uses little energy and water and is 100% renewable from sustainably managed forests.

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In short, “Balance Sheet” is the key word. That is why BYWUD values ​​the ecosystem and, above all, always seeks to work with wood originating from sustainably managed forests so that its resources remain available for future generations.

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