Our pedestals allow you to create and level, in a quick and practical way, the floor of your outdoor space, bringing it to your liking.

YEED products, produced in France, contain a wide range of pedestals, from the adjustable 8mm pedestal to the largest that allows you to increase the maximum height by 70cm, using a maximum of 4 extensions, in a total of 6 different types of measurements, as well as all the accessories for their use.


If you need to increase the height of your outdoor floor, YEED pedestals are a great solution, as in addition to being adaptable and multipurpose they are also recyclable, made up of reused materials, more specifically plastic regenerated from recycled waste (covers, packaging , ect) which is cleaned after being collected and crushed in order to be injected into the production lines.

With several years of experience, YEED pedestals prove their adaptability in each project, adapting them to all types of surfaces, such as decks or pavings, and supporting loads of up to more than one ton. These can be used on terraces and balconies in homes or offices, on pool decks, rooftops, terraces, restaurants, shopping centers and even for creating stair steps or surfaces on different levels.

Thanks to their characteristics, they adapt to existing slopes and can be placed on a variety of substrates: stabilized gravel, cement, waterproofing, among others, facilitating the passage of ducts, tubes, cables under the coating and blocks.


YEED pedestals are also distinguished by their resistance to weather, ice and UV rays, withstanding temperature variations between -30º and 60ºC.

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