Building your own deck can be an easy task or, in some cases, not so much. We leave you some initial recommendations for your reference.

One of the main aspects to take into account before moving forward with your project is the type of floor on which you intend to install your deck. If the floor is uneven or inclined, the difficulty level increases. If, on the other hand, you want to install your new deck on a flat surface such as a terrace or balcony, as these are already level surfaces, then it might be a job even for the less experienced enthusiast.

Start by making sure you have the right tools:

  • A hacksaw or hacksaw is always recommended because you will have to make some cuts;
  • A screwdriver and probably a corded or cordless drill to pre-drill holes before screwing

Then make sure you have the necessary material and accessories for the intended area.

Is everything ready? Good luck!


Here are some recommendations for installing a BYWUD Tropical Deck

BYWUD tropical hardwood decking is naturally durable and stable so it will not suffer structural damage from rot, insect damage or fungal decay for at least 25 years when the proper requirements and following recommendations are observed.

Storage and Treatment

  • Before installing and finishing the deck, it is essential that you keep the BYWUD tropical hardwood deck boards clean, dry and out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not cut metal close to our wooden boards during installation, in order to avoid contamination of metal corrosion particles.


  • Before proceeding with the installation of your deck, it is advisable to seal the wooden boards with Bona Neutral protective oil on the 4 sides of the wood, this being a very high quality protective oil that offers long-lasting protection of the decks against all weather conditions, from snow to sunlight. In the following years, we recommend that you nourish your deck every year or every two years in the visible part.
  • We recommend periodic cleaning and a light coat of Bona Protective Oil so that your deck's original colour is maintained. The period required for such maintenance largely depends on the degree of exposure to sunlight and weather conditions your deck faces.
  • Like all outdoor applied woods, tropical woods will gradually fade to a soft gray colour over time. If you prefer, leave all four sides unfinished and let this one fade naturally.

Ventilation and Air Flow

  • Consider local building codes before installing your decking;
  • Allow adequate ventilation for air flow so that the occurrence of suction cups is reduced;
  • We suggest that you install your deck with the proper spacing between the joists, so that there are interrupted areas for water to pass through, preventing infiltrations and damage caused by the accumulation of water.


  • BYWUD deck is Kiln Dried (KD) so that it is as consistent as possible. Unlike naturally dried boards (Air Dried - AD), shrinkage becomes very limited. However, if the deck is exposed to excessive moisture, the boards may expand slightly;
  • We recommend 5mm spacing between tropical deck planks as this is the recommended solution for kiln dried tropical hardwoods. However, for the Pine deck, we suggest a spacing of 5 to 7mm between the boards since this species is less dense, being more subject to movement of the wood due to thermal amplitudes;
  • BYWUD deck does not suffer longitudinal movements, therefore, during installation we suggest that you perfectly trim the corners and edges.


  • We suggest you pre-drill holes with a countersink drill for all high quality HOLZ TECHNIC/ROTHOBLAAS and SPAX brand stainless steel screws so that the screw head is exactly flush with the surface of the deck boards;
  • Bolting is the most effective installation method. However, we also have a hidden fixing system from the brand Novlek that allows you to save some installation time and that allows you to have a terrace without visible screws.


  • Safety should be one of your concerns when installing your decking. We recommend the use of protective eyewear, dust masks and gloves during this process. When using a saw, try to keep it as far away from your body as possible.



  • Carefully selected tropical species from sustainable forests;
  • EUTR compliant;
  • 100% natural and organic product, without the addition of preservatives or additives;
  • Use both outdoors and indoors, suitable for any weather conditions;
  • Unique and extremely elegant colourings;
  • 25 year limited warranty;
  • 100% quality inspected;
  • Twice as dense and five times as hard as autoclave-treated wood;
  • Average density of 1100 Kgs/m3;
  • Kiln dried (KD) so it is extremely consistent;
  • Does not absorb heat due to its high density;
  • Reliable and with a high longevity and durability;
  • Requires little and easy maintenance;
  • Naturally resistant to decomposition, insects and fungi, even in extreme environments;
  • Flame spread rating equal to cement and steel;
  • Excellent option for residences and commercial spaces with high foot traffic.

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