With the scientific name Apuleia Leiocarpa, Garapa is a species also known as Freixo Brasileiro, Grapiá, Garapeira or Amarelinho.

It is one of the best quality decking woods, with a fine grain and a colour ranging from pale yellow to a warm golden hue.

Garapa is a tropical wood that is naturally resistant to decay, decomposition and insect attack. It is also scratch resistant, which allows the surface to remain smooth for years to come, making it a perfect wood for outdoor decking.

In addition to its high resistance and durability, this wood has aesthetic characteristics that please consumers, being an option often used for furniture manufacturing and various construction projects.

Garapa offers a shelf life of over 30 years without preservatives!

This wood offers many benefits, making it stand out when it comes to building an outdoor terrace, for example:

  • 100% natural product.
  • It has a long shelf life, being known to last for many years even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Insect resistance, just like any other tropical wood.
  • Reduced cost compared to other tropical woods, such as Ipe.

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Photo Credits: Brazilian Wood Depot

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