Sustainable forest management is seen as essential to preserve the future of our forests, always bearing in mind the minimization of the impact of climate change.

Find out how BYWUD obtains its wood in complete sustainability. It is crucial that this type of process is carried out with rigor in order to preserve the forest ecosystem and reduce our impact as much as possible. 🌳


Forests play an increasingly important role in our lives. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that the demand for wood today will not compromise the existence of this product in the future.

With the objective of renewing the forest in mind, its exploitation should be carried out in such a way that it is possible to maintain a high biodiversity, regeneration capacity and productivity.

Sustainable forests are those that allow efficient management of resources, with a view to preserving other uses and services. These bring a large number of advantages to Man and our Planet, such as:

  • The constant supply of essential resources for the human being
  • Conserving biodiversity, making it home to vast numbers of species
  • They facilitate soil formation, also preventing erosion, which is often caused by phenomena such as desertification.

It is important to forget that it is the forests that allow us to have access to drinking water and that they also help to purify the air we breathe. In addition, the growth of the forest population is also considered an extremely important economic resource, not only being used in the production of wood products but also in the production of other types of materials, such as medicines.

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