We would like to introduce you to the "Do it yourself" project of our Client Jean-Cristophe Petit in Begur, Girona, Spain.

This was a project that presented some challenges, not only because of the shape of the pool but also because of the installation site, which made it a little difficult to install the deck. Although this project required some cuts and combinations of lengths, it ended up with this very interesting result.

The space covered with Deck Ipê has approximately 10m2 but despite Jean-Cristophe Petit's inexperience in this type of DIY, it resulted in a space that will certainly delight family and friends, in addition to having enhanced the property surrounded by stone, so characteristic of the buildings in the region.

The material chosen for the execution of the project was one of our most premium products, Ipê 21x90mm smooth on 4 sides, having this appearance without having applied any type of treatment or additional product.

The Customer followed the path of the order to his address and was always in contact with the BYWUD team.
Thank you Jean-Cristophe for choosing us and for sharing the photos of your project with us.

BYWUD product used in this project

Ipê Deck 21x90mm with variable lengths were used for the execution of this work.

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