All Products sold by BYWUD enjoy the warranty of their conformity until the consumption limit date, or until the end of the period recommended for consumption after opening, provided that the said limit date has not yet been exceeded and provided that they are packaged in accordance with with the instructions advertised on the product page. In the case of Deck Category products, the specific warranty for tropical or other Deck applies.

The conformity warranty of the Products referred to in the previous number of this Clause corresponds to BYWUD's warranty that, having verified the foreseen conditions, if the Product does not comply with the legal terms, or if it appears to be inappropriate, the User will be entitled to its replacement.

In order to exercise the rights indicated here, the User must send a communication to BYWUD, by registered letter or through the respective form found on the website, informing about the order number and the description of the non-compliance, as well as the other requested elements.

Any and all costs associated with the delivery, installation, removal or sale of the deck are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Upon receipt of the returned product(s) at the BYWUD premises, the alleged non-compliance will be verified by BYWUD.

Under the terms of the previous number, reimbursement of payments must be made through the same payment method that was used by the User in the initial transaction, unless expressly agreed to the contrary.



When you buy our tropical woods, we are certain that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of the products and that their lifetime will exceed your expectations.


Tropical hardwood decking and Pine BYWUD decking are naturally durable and stable so they will not suffer structural damage from rot, insect damage or fungal decay. Both have the aforementioned warranty when the following requirements are observed:

  • Are purchased by an official BYWUD reseller;
  • Are installed in an area that meets all applicable construction, installation and safety requirements;
  • All deck boards were kept clean, dry and out of direct sunlight prior to installation;
  • During the installation process there are no metals to be cut next to the wood;
  • There is a slope for drainage under the deck, eliminating the possibility of water seeping into the wood;
  • There is adequate spacing between deck boards of at least 3mm over the deck boards;
  • The deck, when screwed directly to a support, must have a pre-hole made with a drill before applying the screw;
  • Boards that are considered defective must be trimmed or separated prior to installation;

    The deck must be installed following the appropriate assembly instructions provided in “Installation Instructions”.

    By purchasing BYWUD tropical wood deck, the customer agrees that the warranty expires when the following cases occur:

    • Damage caused by the natural change in the physical properties of the deck;
    • Damage caused by natural disasters;
    • Deck damage resulting from unstable substructures;
    • Damage caused due to improper installation;
    • Any damage caused by the improper use of saturators, paints, varnishes, cleaning products or others;
    • Any contact you have directly with the ground or submerged applications to the deck.

    Wood Deck Warranty Terms

    Any visible quality issues should be taken into account before installation is carried out. Checking the secondary surface is a very common occurrence but is not covered by the warranty.

    The Buyer shall determine if the wood decking supplied meets the safety required, building codes and any other local regulations.

    The Buyer agrees that when submitting a warranty activation request, it must obligatorily provide the required analysis support, such as high resolution images or videos where the affected or damaged deck is verified. This claim made by the customer must be limited to only those boards that have been affected. In case of doubt regarding shared images, BYWUD reserves the right to request inspection of the material by an on-site representative.

    BYWUD reserves the right to analyze all warranty requests submitted in order to confirm the conditions under which the woods were applied and installed.

    Upon filing a claim, the buyer's only remedy is to replace the affected boards. BYWUD's 25-year tropical wood and 5-year Pine wood warranty does not include installation or reinstallation costs for any damage.

    Any and all costs associated with the delivery, installation, removal or sale of the deck are the sole responsibility of the customer.

    This warranty is unique and exclusive, and cannot be, in whole or in part, altered by a third party on behalf of BYWÛD, Lda.

    Activation of the BYWUD Tropical Wood Deck warranty must be requested by completing the respective form found at

    To validate this warranty, you must provide the following information:

    • Name
    • Household
    • Dealer name and location
    • Deck installation date
    • Copy of purchase invoice
    • Photographs showing:
      • Your deck and the proper spacing given;
      • Images of the screws used;
      • The distance from the ground.


      All BYWUD tropical hardwood products are carefully selected and inspected to ensure the highest possible quality. However, all natural wood is subject to expansion and contraction as the humidity fluctuates, causing the wood to shrink and expand. In addition to these factors, it is also frequent that there are variations in colour, grain, density and performance. The oxidation of wood occurs due to natural causes and is expected when the treatment of wood is not carried out with the recommended regularity, which is why it is not subject to warranty claims.