BYWUD is a European online platform dedicated to DIY (Do it yourself) committed to helping everyone improve the home's outdoor spaces.

In addition to offering guides, tips, and tricks to do it yourself, we also offer specialized professional services to ensure the success of every project.

We are specialists in selling high-quality decks, but we also have outdoor furniture and decoration, allowing you to create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy memorable moments with friends and family outside your home.


Environmental responsibility is one of our most significant commitments, and we have the most demanding certifications that guarantee total respect for nature.

Our wood suppliers guarantee, through their processes, correct practices so that the forests continue to grow stronger and stronger.


Our woods are FSC® certified, ensuring they come from sustainably produced forests.

The FSC® forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed to preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of local people and workers while ensuring its
economic sustainability.


Regulation (EU) No. 995/201 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 20 October 2010, which establishes the obligations of operators who place timber and timber products on the market - also known as the European Union Timber Regulation or EUTR, prevents the illegal trade in harvested wood and wood products through three primary obligations:

1. Prohibits the placing on the EU market for the first time of illegally harvested wood and wood-derived products;

2. To facilitate the traceability of wood products, economic operators in the supply chain must keep all records of suppliers;

3. BYWUD provides, on its initiative, in its online store information about where to collect each batch of wood.

Módulo em deck em Ipê, 500x500x38mm, KD, liso


Mission: Offer a wide range of ecologically sustainable products for home and garden with quality, design and fair price through digital channels with fast deliveries throughout Europe, both for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Vision: BYWUD is a brand of Portuguese origin with an international dimension, recognized for its excellent service, innovation in processes and quality of raw materials.

Values: Transparency, ethics, quality, innovation, valuing human capital and preserving natural resources.

Purpose: To assert itself as an international company, dignifying the industry linked to wood solutions, associating itself with brands and products recognized for their innovative design, quality and sustainability.