HOLZ TECHNIC granular rubber base 8x80x6000mm

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SKU: BY040103.0001
SKU: BY040103.0001

HOLZ TECHNIC granular rubber base 8x80x6000mm

Rubber base that protects against vibration and isolates the noise caused by footsteps.

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Product Description

Thanks to its composition of thermobonded rubber granules, the resilient profile for acoustic insulation dampens vibrations and reduces the sound of footsteps. Also effective for cutting water. The resilient strip is perfect for separating vertical walls from slabs. Made with a mixture of natural and synthetic elastomers bound by mass-polymerized polyurethanes, it is resistant to chemical interactions, maintains its characteristics unchanged over time and is 100% recyclable.

Product type: Granular Rubber Base
Material: Rubber
Lenght: 125 cm
Height: 1 cm
Thickness: 6 cm
Color: Black
Conditioning: Box with 1 unit
Product weight: 2,93 Kg
Package weight: 3,5 Kg
Warranty: 1 year