HOLZ TECHNIC box with 100 self-drilling screws 5x50

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SKU: BY040202.0001
SKU: BY040202.0001

HOLZ TECHNIC box with 100 self-drilling screws 5x50

Ideal screw for fastening wooden panels to wooden or aluminum substructures. Due to its self-drilling feature, pre-drilling is not necessary. Box includes 1 Torx TX25 screwdriver bit.

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Product Description

The tip of the KKA COLOR wood screws is characterized by a special vent geometry, which allows for optimal chip dissipation during screwdriving. The black anti-corrosion coating makes it ideal for applications in aggressive environments, guaranteeing a hidden effect in black substructures and clips. KKA COLOR is also ideal for fastening Rothoblaas TVMN standard clamp, sheet metal and angles to steel or aluminum substructures and offers the possibility to fasten metal-to-metal overlaps. Made of carbon steel with a colored organic anti-corrosive coating, it can be used without pre-drilling in aluminum with a thickness of less than 3.2 mm.
Product may appear in branded box Rothoblaas, as they come from the same factory.

Product type: Parafusos Auto Perfurantes
Material: Aço
Lenght: 5 cm
Height: 3,9 cm
Thickness: 3,9 cm
Fixation type: Visível
Color: Cinzento
Head Shape: Cilíndrica
Conditioning: Caixa com 100 unidades
Product diamenter: 4 mm
Head mold: Torx
Application: Madeiras densas
Body Shape: Ponta Autoperfurante
Product weight: 0,6 Kg
Package weight: 1 Kg
Warranty: 1 ano
Screw dimensions: 5x50


Aparafusadora 18V DCD709D2T-QWAparafusadora 18V DCD709D2T-QW
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