HOLZ TECHNIC box with 200 bronze coloured screws 5x50 for Deck

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SKU: BY040201.0007
SKU: BY040201.0007

HOLZ TECHNIC box with 200 bronze coloured screws 5x50 for Deck

Screw with a cylindrical spade head inlaid in bronze, suitable for wood with high density. Thanks to its special tip, it can be used without pre-drilling. Box includes 1 Torx TX25 screwdriver bit.

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Product Description

The special sword-shaped tip of the KKZ A2 wood screw is specifically designed to effectively drill into high density woods.

Pre-holes are recommended for woods with a density greater than 1000 kg/m3, such as Ipê, Cumaru, Itaúba, Massaranduba, or microlamellar bamboo.

The sub-head thread with an increased diameter ensures effective adherence by traction, guaranteeing the coupling of the wooden elements . The recessed head ensures a pleasant aesthetic fit.

In austenitic stainless steel KKZ A2 can be used outdoors in very aggressive environments.

Product may appear in Rothoblaas branded box, as they come from the same factory.

Product type: Parafusos para Madeira
Material: Aço Inox A2
Lenght: 5 cm
Height: 2,8 cm
Thickness: 2,8 cm
Fixation type: Visível
Color: Bronze
Head Shape: Cilíndrica
Conditioning: Caixa com 200 unidades
Product diamenter: 5 mm
Head mold: Torx
Yield: Parafusos para 5 m2 de deck
Application: Madeiras densas
Body Shape: Ponta Espada
Product weight: 1 Kg
Package weight: 1,5 kg
Warranty: 1 ano
Screw dimensions: 5x50


Aparafusadora impacto sem fio TE-CD 12/1 Li-iAparafusadora impacto sem fio TE-CD 12/1 Li-i
TE-CD 12/1 Li-i cordless impact screwdriver
Screwdriver with 12V battery, charging time of 45 minutes and 2 gears.
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