HOLZ TECHNIC box with 200 screws green color 5x53 for Deck

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SKU: BY040201.0008
SKU: BY040201.0008

HOLZ TECHNIC box with 200 screws green color 5x53 for Deck

Flat head screw with excellent grip, designed for outdoor use on wooden Deck with thicknesses from 19mm to 25mm. Box includes 1 Torx TX20 screwdriver bit. 1 box with 200 screws is recommended for approximately 5m2 of Deck.

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Product Description

It is a green colored A4 anti-corrosion treated screw, suitable for use in pine wood with green autoclave treatment. This screw is characterized by an inverse sub-head thread, which guarantees excellent tension capacity.
The small conical head guarantees an ideal hidden effect and the three-lobed thread allows cutting the wood fibers during screwing, guaranteeing a capacity exceptional penetration into wood.
Product may appear in Rothoblaas branded box, as they come from the same factory.

Product type: Pine Deck Screw
Material: Steel Inox A2
Lenght: 5,3 cm
Height: 1,8 cm
Thickness: 1,8 cm
Fixation type: Visible
Color: Green
Head Shape: Embedded Head
Conditioning: Box with 200 units
Product diamenter: 5,25 mm
Head mold: Torx
Yield: Screws for 5 m2 de deck
Body Shape: Triangular Body
Product weight: 1,02 Kg
Package weight: 1,5 Kg
Warranty: 1 year
Screw dimensions: 5x53