Clip Box + Screw start / end (90 clips + 90 Screws + 1 ferrule)

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SKU: BY040105.0009
SKU: BY040105.0009

Clip Box + Screw start / end (90 clips + 90 Screws + 1 ferrule)

Box consisting of 90 screws, 90 fixing clips and 1 screwdriver bit, designed for use on outdoor Bamboo Deck. Each box gives a total of 5m2.

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Product Description

With MOSO Bamboo stainless steel start and end clips, the deck can be easily installed securely and thus achieve greater durability.

When installed correctly there will be a gap of 5-6mm between strips for installation on aluminum profiles.

In terms of dimensions, the size of the clip is 215x115x31mm and that of the screw is 4.5x30mm

Product type: Hidden Fixation Clips
Material: Steel Inox A2
Fixation type: Hidden
Color: Brown
Conditioning: Box with 90 units
Yield: Screws and Clips for 4,5 m2 de deck
Product weight: 1 Kg
Package weight: 1
Brand: MOSO