Grill LIV 02

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SKU: BY070103.0053
SKU: BY070103.0053

Grill LIV 02

The LIV 02 Barbecue is made of waterproof concrete and metal. It includes a steel grill, an ash drawer, a charcoal burner and a lower shelf. For the use of firewood or charcoal.

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Delivery between 2 to 3 weeks

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Product Description

  • Includes stainless steel grill, ash collection tray and charcoal burner joist;
  • Fire zone consisting of a metal resistant to high temperatures;
  • Barbecue made up of modular elements, which allows for easy assembly.

Dimensions: 52cm x 158cm x 115cm
Grid Dimensions: 65cm x 38cm
Weight: 212kg
Metal Drawer Dimensions: 66cm x 48cm x 32cm (Optional)

This product does not include a metal drawer .

Product type: Charcoal Barbecues and Firewood
Material: Concrete
Lenght: 120 cm
Height: 80 cm
Thickness: 80 cm
Color: White and Black
Combustion Material: Coal/Firewood
Product weight: 212 Kg
Brand: BLIVE
Warranty: 2 years
Supplier Reference 500033