GE-EH 7065 electric hedge trimmer

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SKU: BY030116.0002
SKU: BY030116.0002

GE-EH 7065 electric hedge trimmer

The ideal electric tool for cutting hedges with the advantage of having the cable strain relief system.

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Product Description

The electric hedge trimmer GE-EH 7067 from Einhell guarantees high power and precise cuts when working on hedges, bushes and bushes. Thanks to a cutting length of 670 millimeters, work can be carried out efficiently, precisely and quickly. The power of 700 W guarantees cutting the desired shape, without effort or complications.

Technical data

  • Main connection: 220-240 V | 50 Hz
  • Idle speed: 700 min^-1
  • Sword length: 71 cm
  • Maximum cutting length: 67 cm
  • < li>Distance between teeth: 30 mm
  • Cuts per minute: 3000 min^-1


  • Interruptor de segurança de 2 mãos com batente da lâmina < 1 segundo
  • Lâminas de aço lapidado a laser e diamante
  • Engrenagem de metal para uma longa vida útil
  • Pega adicional para ergonomia ideal
  • Pega traseira rotativa
  • Proteção das mãos em grandes áreas
  • Cobertura da lâmina de alumínio
  • Proteção contra impactos
  • Recetáculo robusto para armazenamento e transporte
  • Coletor de corte
  • Alívio de tensão do cabo
Product type: Hedge Trimmer
Tool type: Eletric Tools
Lenght: 109 cm cm
Height: 21,5 cm
Thickness: 18,5 cm
Power: 700 W
Type of Energy: Eletrical Outlet
Lenght of Cut: 670 mm
Product weight: 3,73 Kg
Package weight: 4,78 Kg
Brand: Einhell
Warranty: 2 years