Yellow Cumaru Deck 25x140mm smooth on 4 sides with Lengths from 900 to 2150mm

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SKU: DCK.WDK.CMR.S4E.KD.25x140x900
SKU: DCK.WDK.CMR.S4E.KD.25x140x900

Yellow Cumaru Deck 25x140mm smooth on 4 sides with Lengths from 900 to 2150mm

Cumaru boards with variable lengths between 900 and 2150mm depending on stock availability.

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Delivery between 3 to 5 business days

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Product Description

Yellow Cumaru is a superior quality wood that is very resistant and can be used in structures subject to strong climatic variations.

This tropical hardwood is known to have a long lifespan, being able to last up to around 30 years if the proper care is taken. Although this product has superior resistance and durability characteristics, we always recommend applying a protective oil after installation, so that your deck is well protected.

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In this specific case, this Cumaru despite having a yellowish brown core, its colors vary between yellowish and reddish, making your terrace look very welcoming.

It is important to inform you that the images you see on our website may not correspond to the exact colors of the products since, as mentioned, the colors may vary from tree to tree.< /p>

Please note



  • Wood from sustainable forests
  • EUTR compliant
  • 100%;natural and;organic product, with no added preservatives or additives
  • Use both outdoors and indoors, suitable for any weather conditions
  • Unique and extremely elegant coloring
  • 25 year limited warranty
  • 100% quality inspected
  • Twice as dense and five times as hard as autoclave treated wood
  • Average density of 1100;Kgs/m3
  • Kiln dried (KD);so it is extremely consistent
  • Does not absorb heat due to its high density
  • Reliable;and with;a;high longevity;and durability;
  • Requires little;and easy;maintenance
  • Naturally resistant to decay,;a;insects and;a;fungus, even in extreme environments;
  • Flame spread rating equal to cement and steel;
  • Excellent option for residences and;commercial spaces with high foot traffic< /li>

Usage Advice

Storage and treatment

  • Before installing and finishing the deck, it is necessary to It is critical that you keep BYWUD Tropical Hardwood Decking Boards clean, dry, and out of direct sunlight.;
  • Do not cut metal close to our wooden boards during installation, in order to avoid contamination of;particles;of corrosion of metals.;

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Product type: Wood Deck per piece
Material: Yellow Cumaru Wood
Lenght: 900 a 2150 mm
Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 140 mm
Density: 1050 Kg/m3
Fixation type: Visible
Resistance Class: Classe 4
Drying: Kiln dried (KD)
Color: Yellow
Lifespan: Between 30 to 40 years
Origin of wood: South America
Product weight: Approximately 6 Kg per Piece
Warranty: 25 years