Yellow Cumaru Deck 25x140mm smooth on 4 sides in Mixed Lengths

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SKU: BY010202.
SKU: BY010202.

Yellow Cumaru Deck 25x140mm smooth on 4 sides in Mixed Lengths

Ipe boards with variable lengths between 900 and 2150mm depending on available stock.

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Product Description

Cumaru is a superior quality wood that is very resistant and can be used in structures subject to strong climatic variations.

This tropical hardwood is known to have a long life, being able to last up to around 30 years if the proper care is taken. Although this product has superior resistance and durability characteristics, we always recommend applying a protective oil after installation, so that your deck is well protected.

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In this specific case, this Cumaru despite having a yellowish brown core, its colors vary between yellowish and reddish, making your terrace look very welcoming.

It is important to inform you that the images you see on our website may not correspond to the exact colors of the products since, as mentioned, colors may vary from tree to tree.

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Our prestigious deck is sold by the m2, making the available lengths random depending on the measures mentioned. It is important to take into account that the boards can have a variation of 1 cm more or less in length.

You should bear in mind that wood, being a 100% natural product, has different particularities from tree to tree. tree, namely variations in color tones.

Product type: Deck em madeira por m2
Material: Madeira de Cumaru Amarelo
Lenght: 900 a 2150 mm
Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 140 mm
Density: 1050 Kg/m3
Fixation type: Visível
Resistance Class: Classe 8
Drying: Seco em estufa (KD)
Color: Castanho Escuro
Lifespan: Entre 30 a 40 anos
Origin of wood: América do Sul
Conditioning: Deck composto por 1m2 de tábuas de Cumaru Amarelo com comprimentos variáveis entre 900 e 2150mm dependendo do stock disponível.
Product weight: Aproximadamente 30 Kg
Brand: BYWUD Deck
Warranty: 25 anos