Ipe Deck 21x90mm smooth and reeded in Mixed Lengths

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SKU: BY010201.
SKU: BY010201.

Ipe Deck 21x90mm smooth and reeded in Mixed Lengths

Ipe boards with variable lengths between 900 and 2150mm depending on available stock.

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Product Description

Ipe is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious exotic woods, being considered one of the most durable and resistant woods ever.

This is one of the most suitable species for outdoors, adapting to any environment, and can have a useful life of up to 40 years, if proper care is taken. Thanks to its high density and very fine grain, this wood is highly resistant to humidity, weather and attack by insects and fungi.


Product type: Deck em madeira por m2
Material: Madeira de Ipê
Lenght: 900 a 2150 mm
Width: 21 mm
Thickness: 90 mm
Density: 1200 Kg/m3
Fixation type: Visível
Resistance Class: Classe 5
Drying: Seco em estufa (KD)
Color: Castanho Escuro
Lifespan: Entre 30 a 40 anos
Origin of wood: América do Sul
Conditioning: Deck composto por 1m2 de tábuas de Ipê com comprimentos variáveis entre 900 e 2150mm dependendo do stock disponível.
Product weight: Aproximadamente 26 Kg
Brand: BYWUD Deck
Warranty: 25 anos