NOVLEK 5mm Deck spacers - 12 pieces

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SKU: BY040106.0001
SKU: BY040106.0001

NOVLEK 5mm Deck spacers - 12 pieces

Spacer so that all deck boards are installed with the same 5mm gap. Facilitates work by increasing the accuracy and speed of installation.

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Product Description

NOVLEK spacers guarantee ease and efficiency of use. These are the ideal accessories to ensure regular spacing on your deck.

Their V-shape and oversized handle allow them to be removed under any circumstances. No more wasted time due to impossible to remove wedges stuck between two tight boards.


  • High hardness plastic material for extreme rigidity and resistance
  • Great grip to ensure exceptional resistance
  • Large opening to allow access by tool or finger
  • V Profile for easy fitting and removal after tightening
  • Anti Marking ribs to reduce the contact surface and facilitate removal after tightening
  • Alignment and measurement marks
Product type: Deck board spacers
Material: Polypropylene
Lenght: 15 cm
Height: 23 cm
Thickness: 3 cm
Color: Red
Conditioning: Box with 12 units
Packaging dimensions: 15 x 3 x 23 cm
Product weight: 0,17 Kg
Package weight: 0,5 Kg
Brand: Novlek
Warranty: 2 years