Extension 60 mm for Terrace Pedestal

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Extension 60 mm for Terrace Pedestal

Allows you to easily increase the height of the pedestal while ensuring the durability of your exterior construction. The extensions are as solid as the pedestals. Compatible with the entire range of YEED 150/260mm pedestals.

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Delivery between 10 to 15 business days

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Product Description

Extension 60 mm for Terrace Pedestal

The riser increases the final height of a terrace pedestal by 60 mm.

In order to install the terrace pedestal extension, the head of the pedestal must be removed in order to be able to place the extension on the base.
You can add up to 4 risers on the same pedestal to increase the final size by an additional 240 mm.
Once this installation has been carried out, all you have to do is replace the head on the pedestal. That's it!

  • Made in France
  • Height: 60mm
  • Designed for pedestrian use
  • Supports up to 1 ton of load
  • Resistant to frost, UV and temperatures from -40°C to +60°C
  • Withstands acids and chemicals

Usage Advice

Para instalar a extensão pedestal terraço, a cabeça do pedestal deve ser removida para poder colocar a extensão na base. Você pode adicionar até 4 tirantes no mesmo pedestal para aumentar o tamanho final em +240 mm. Uma vez realizada esta instalação, basta recolocar o cabeçote no buffer. É isso !
Product type: Pedestal Extension
Material: Polypropylene
Width: 60 mm
Color: Black
Origin of wood: France
Brand: YEED
Warranty: 10 years