Head of Decking Pedestal

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Head of Decking Pedestal

Has been designed to adapt to all pedestal sizes. The entire YEED range is easy to store as it is collapsible.

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Product Description

Head of Decking Pedestal YEED

This accessory allows you to transform a paving pedestal into a wooden terrace pedestal. If you are laying a paving terrace, but you wish to create the outline of the terrace with a wooden board, all you have to do is replace the head of the pedestals accordingly.


Usage of the head decking pedestal:

Adaptable to the entire range of terrace pedestals, the head of decking pedestal can accommodate boards of all sizes, without exception.

Its installation is very simple: the head of the decking pedestal is placed on top of the head of the paving pedestal and no further steps are required. Regardless of the height of your pedestal, this head pedestal fits all fixed or adjustable pedestals.

Attention: This accessory is only compatible with YEED Pedestals



  • Made in France
  • Made from polypropylene, a material known for its strength and durability
  • Complies with DTU 43.1 and 51.4
  • Resistant to temperature variations from -40° to +60°
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Does not deteriorate in contact with products used in swimming pools
  • Supports up to 1 ton of load
Product type: Head of Decking Pedestal
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Black
Origin of wood: France
Brand: YEED
Warranty: 10 years