KUB 90 modular garden

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SKU: BY060401.0003
SKU: BY060401.0003

KUB 90 modular garden

Modular vegetable garden that offers you the ideal solutions to make your project as flexible as possible. With dimensions of 91.5 × 91.5 × 53 cm.

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Product Description

Modular vegetable garden that fits either in a garden or on a terrace or balcony. It's the ideal product for you if you like to grow plants, flowers or vegetables, and it's an excellent educational tool to help children develop a taste for agriculture. You can arrange it according to your taste.


Capacity for 236 liters Modular and ergonomic product Product is already available. comes pre-assembled Assembly by screws to be fixed to the set Supplied with protective geotextile, without bottom Class 3 autoclave treatment

Usage Advice

See here our;Installation Manual

Product type: Wooden Vegetable Garden for Children
Material: Wood
Lenght: 91,5 cm
Height: 53 cm
Thickness: 91,5 cm
Certification: FSC 100%
Color: Brown Greenish
Packaging dimensions: 91,5 x 40 x 20 cm
Product weight: 23 Kg
Package weight: 25 Kg
Brand: Jardipolys
Warranty: 2 years