5m2 Kit in Brown Pine Deck easy to install, 28x145mm, smooth and reeded

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SKU: BYK010104.0004
SKU: BYK010104.0004

5m2 Kit in Brown Pine Deck easy to install, 28x145mm, smooth and reeded

Kit consisting of 5m2 of brown pine deck 28 x 145 x 2500 mm, 12.5 ml of green pine Joist and 1 box of 200 Holz Technic screws with anti-corrosion treatment and 1 TX20 screwdriver bit.

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Product Description

Pinho Silvestre is considered a soft wood, perfect for DIY and is also used on a large scale by carpenters and craftsmen, given its adaptability to any type of construction.

If you are looking for a quality deck to At an affordable price for your terrace, autoclave-treated pine is an excellent option and can last up to 20 years if proper care is taken. With this deck, you can create your outdoor space in a sustainable way.


In this specific case, Pine has a brown heartwood.

This species is available in green and brown, with the option of choosing the color that suits you best.

It is important to inform you that the images you see on our website may not correspond to the exact colors of the products since, as mentioned, the colors may vary slightly.

Composition of the kit

< p>This kit is easy to install, consisting of 5 m2 of brown pine wood deck, 12.5 ml of pine Joist, 1 box of 200 Holz Technic screws with anti-corrosive brown color treatment and 1 screwdriver bit. With it you will certainly be able to build your deck quickly and efficiently, making your outdoor space gain another life.

The box of screws may come in a Rothoblaas box, given come from the same factory.

Way to pay attention


Kit instalação fácil

  • Kit composto por todo o material necessário para a instalação


  • Madeira proveniente de florestas sustentáveis
  • Produto FSC 100%
  • Utilização tanto em espaços exteriores como interiores, adequadas a quaisquer condições climáticas
  • 20 anos de garantia limitada
  • 100% inspecionada a nível de qualidade
  • Densidade média de 650 Kgs/m3
  • Seca em estufa (KD) para que seja extremamente consistente
  • Não absorve calor devido à sua densidade
  • Confiável e com uma elevada longevidade e durabilidade
  • Necessita de pouca e fácil manutenção
  • Baixo custo

Usage Advice

Armazenamento e tratamento

  • Antes da instalação e do acabamento do deck, é fundamental que mantenha as tábuas de deck de madeira tropical BYWUD limpas, secas e fora do alcance da luz solar. 
  • Não corte metal próximo das nossas tábuas de madeira durante a instalação, de modo a que se evite a contaminação das partículas de corrosão dos metais. 

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Application Suggestions

Product type: Kit Deck instalação fácil
Material: Madeira de Pinho Silvestre
Lenght: 2500 mm
Width: 28 mm
Thickness: 145 mm
Density: 650 Kg/m3
Fixation type: Visível
Resistance Class: Classe 4
Drying: Seco em estufa (KD)
Certification: FSC 100%
Color: Castanho
Lifespan: Entre 10 a 15 anos
Origin of wood: Europa
Conditioning: Kit de deck instalação fácil
Product weight: Aproximadamente 110 Kg
Brand: BYWUD Deck
Warranty: 20 anos


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