Lateral Riser Support for Terrace Pedestal

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Lateral Riser Support for Terrace Pedestal

This system is fixed to the pedestal flange, allowing the vertical installation of a tile or support.

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Product Description

Lateral Riser Support for Terrace Pedestal YEED

An essential accessory for finishing the tiled terrace on a pedestal. The lateral riser support makes it possible to hide the installation of the pedestals under the terrace by creating support for the riser. The riser support is only compatible with the YEED slab plate.

Compatible with: 60/90 mm adjustable pedestal for YEED paving terrace, 90/150 mm pedestal for YEED paving terrace, 150/260 mm pedestal for YEED paving or tile terrace.

Usage of the lateral riser support:
Only used on pedestals at the edge of the terrace, allowing the side closure of the latter.
Its installation is simple and can be done in seconds. Once the pedestals are positioned on the ground, place the slab plate on the head of the pedestal and clip the trim support to the base of the paving terrace pedestal.
This accessory offers the possibility of concealing the structure of the terrace on pedestals and of being able to hide unsightly cables or pipes there.

Once the riser support and the slab plate have been installed, you will need to make the necessary cutouts to close the terrace and make a perfect finish. We recommend applying glue to the upper part of the cutout in contact with the underside of the slab in order to guarantee impeccable maintenance over time. Thus, the riser support as well as the slab plate offer an optimal aesthetic result for the finishes of the terrace on paving pedestals.


  • Made in France
  • Made of polypropylene, a resistant and durable material.
  • Resistant to frost and UV rays
  • Does not deteriorate when in contact with products used in swimming pools and tanks
  • Only compatible with YEED brand products
Product type: Lateral Riser Support
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Black
Origin of wood: France
Brand: YEED
Warranty: 10 years