KITAWAY OTTE series oven smooth for charcoal and wood use

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SKU: BY070301.0002
SKU: BY070301.0002

KITAWAY OTTE series oven smooth for charcoal and wood use

Oven with smoke outlet system, regulated through a manual opening valve with double door with aluminized steel layer and thermometer to indicate the interior temperature.

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Delivery between 2 to 3 weeks

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Product Description

Cement and metal kiln with sfume exhaustion system, regulated by opening valve manual. It has a double door with an aluminized steel layer and a tthermometer to indicate the interior temperature .

The articles in this series are made from a variety of carefully selected materials, applied in order to obtain the best results in the most diverse cooking techniques.

This product must be installed with a silicone resistant to temperature, oils, fats and alkaline solvents.

Usage Advice

Consulte aqui o;manual de instalação

Product type: Wood Ovens
Material: Concrete
Lenght: 84 cm
Height: 170 cm
Thickness: 63 cm
Color: Black and White
Texture: Smooth
Combustion Material: Coal/Firewood
Packaging dimensions: 120 x 80 x 180 cm
Product weight: 514 Kg
Package weight: 530 Kg
Brand: Tuozi
Warranty: 2 years