NOVLEK protection tape for beams

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SKU: BY040102.0001
SKU: BY040102.0001

NOVLEK protection tape for beams

16m adhesive tape that protects your beams against drainage and reduces acoustic resonance. This tape is composed of 3 layers so that the protection is perfect. Yield for approximately 5m2 of deck.

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Product Description

The use of NOVLEK bituminous adhesive tape makes it possible to considerably reduce the amount of waste generated compared to self-adhesive tapes, whose infinite meters of protective paper must be removed before being blown away by the wind. Adhesive tape can be applied without any problems, regardless of the condition of the surface.

On the other hand, the installation of self-adhesive strips is made more difficult by the protective paper that is spread on the ground, under the feet and, therefore, complicating the whole process.


  • Protects the support against seepage
  • Creates a sealing joint between the boards and the supports
  • Prevents water accumulation
  • Prevents increased moisture in the wood
  • Greatly reduces the acoustic resonance associated with impacts on wood
  • Reduces wood creaking
  • Offers additional comfort thanks to its shock absorbing properties
  • Improves the aesthetics of your deck by eliminating the visibility of the supports between the boards
  • Quick and easy to install
Product type: Deck Protective Tape
Material: Polyester
Lenght: 1600 cm
Height: 0,24 cm
Thickness: 8 cm
Color: Gray
Yield: Roll for 5m2 of deck
Packaging dimensions: 21 x 21 x 8,5 cm
Product weight: 3,5 Kg
Package weight: 4 Kg
Brand: Novlek
Warranty: 2 years