CONIK Vase 40/40 White

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SKU: BY060202-028
SKU: BY060202-028

CONIK Vase 40/40 White

Planter made of concrete with a cylindrical shape, for both outdoor and indoor use. 40 cm in diameter, 30 cm wide and 40 cm high.

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Product Description

Vase made of fiber-reinforced concrete – waterproof;
- Resistant to ice cycles and UV rays;
- Natural look;
- With drainage holes (alert if you don't want to);
- Thickness: can vary from 25mm to 60mm;
- Color: white; Fill the flowerpots with light soil, tamping lightly. Installation of planters:
The location of planters must be on a level and stable surface.
Choose a type of soil that facilitates the absorption of water and does not obstruct the drainage holes. Water drainage is essential and it is important to water moderately.
The type of plant chosen must correspond to the capacity of the flower pot for the future (during its growth); It must not exceed the weight of the planter or compress. It is strictly forbidden to use flammable or other toxic liquid products in the flowerpots, as the color of the concrete or the concrete itself could be damaged. It is also forbidden to sit on the flowerpots or use force (for example: kicking, etc.)
To wash the flowerpots we recommend only using clean water.

Product type: Vasos em Cimento
Material: Betão
Lenght: 40 cm
Height: 40 cm
Thickness: 30 cm
Color: Branco
Product weight: 21 Kg
Brand: BLIVE
Warranty: 2 anos
Supplier Reference 500075