Vibration Buffer for Slab Terrace Pedestal

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Vibration Buffer for Slab Terrace Pedestal

Rubber wedge for noise and vibration reduction. Produced to place directly on the head of the pedestal. Compatible with all pedestal models.

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Product Description

Anti-noise vibration buffer for terrace pedestal – YEED

Accessory used when laying a tiled slab terrace on pedestals. Its primary function is to attenuate the vibrations triggered by movements on the surface of the terrace as well as to reduce possible resonance. Nothing is more unpleasant than hearing an echo or feeling a vibration with each step on the tiled terrace. The sound absorber wedge allows you to obtain a sound insulation of the terrace with ease.

Use of the vibration buffer for paving terrace on pedestal:
In order to guarantee optimal comfort on your slab terrace, the application of anti-noise wedges on the paving pedestals is the solution. This allows the absorption of vibrations related to movements on the surface of the terrace and also to prevent resonance so as to offer optimal acoustic comfort.

The shape of the shock absorber wedge has been studied in such a way as to leave room for the 4 lugs located on the head of the pedestal, so as to perfectly fit the pedestal. This accessory can be used on all paving terrace pedestals, whether fixed or adjustable.

The installation is very simple: the shock absorber wedge is placed on the head of the pedestal, leaving the lugs present in this place protruding from the cutouts. Then lay down your tiling pavings and you're done, no need for any fixings!



  • Made in France
  • 3 mm thick and allows the sound insulation of terraces made of wooden or ceramic tiles and concrete paving on pedestals
  • Complies with DTU 43.1 and 51.4
  • 1 year warranty
Product type: Vibration Buffer
Material: Polypropylene
Color: Black
Origin of wood: France
Brand: YEED
Warranty: 1 years