BONA neutral oil is the ideal product to put on your outdoor wooden deck, be it a Tropical Wood or Nordic Pine deck, offering long-lasting protection for whatever weather.

With the application of this oil, your wooden floor will suffer less cracking and will not have such a severe discoloration caused by UV rays, and it will also become more difficult for water to penetrate the wood.

In addition to the high protection and the refined finish it gives to decks, this oil is an extremely easy product to apply and dries very quickly, usually being ready in one day.

It is essential to be aware that this oil, despite being colourless, will slightly change the pigmentation of the wood, also depending on the amount of oil given.

As for deck maintenance, you should regularly maintain your deck with Bona Decking Oil periodically so that the wood pores can remain saturated and resistant. This maintenance is ideally given before the summer season and can be applied again in the end of the season.

Last but not least, before a coat of Bona Decking Oil is applied, be sure to clean your deck with Bona Oil Soap and water, as this product will prevent dirt from accumulating and leave your deck looking To shine.

BONA oil




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