This project was developed by Lisboa Deck, which managed to transform a simple elevated swimming pool into an extremely welcoming and pleasant terrace in a house in Cascais.

For the execution of this project, Red Cumaru Deck was chosen, both in the measure of 21x90mm and in the measure of 21x145mm. You will find both options in our online store.

Lisboa Deck applied the Deck not only around the elevated swimming pool, but also covered a leisure area with a Deck, something that will allow the inhabitants of the house to enjoy moments of relaxation and sunbathing.

Check out the following images of the project that is still in progress to see how a Deck adds new life to an outdoor space. Even without the walls still finished, we can already feel the warmth of this space.


If you want to create a special space outside your home where you can relax on summer days, our tropical wood Decks will certainly be the ideal choice for your project.

Look at the options we have in composite  or bamboo.

Contact us for an estimate and if you need installation, you can always consult us and we will indicate the contact of one of our partners.

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