Red Cumaru Deck 21x145mm, smooth on 4 sides Sample

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SKU: BYA010202.
SKU: BYA010202.

Red Cumaru Deck 21x145mm, smooth on 4 sides Sample

Red Cumaru Deck sample with 15 cm long.

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Product Description

Cumaru Vermelho is a superior quality wood that is very resistant and can be used in structures subject to strong climatic variations.

This tropical wood is known to have a long lifespan , which can last up to about 30 years, if proper care is taken. Although this product has superior resistance and durability characteristics, we always recommend applying a protective oil after installation, so that your deck is well protected.

Usage Advice

Storage and treatment

  • Before installing and finishing the deck, it is necessary to It is critical that you keep BYWUD Tropical Hardwood Decking Boards clean, dry, and out of direct sunlight.;
  • Do not cut metal close to our wooden boards during installation, in order to avoid contamination of;particles;of corrosion of metals.;

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Product type: Wood Deck Sample
Material: Red Cumaru Wood
Density: 1100 Kg/m3
Fixation type: Visible
Resistance Class: Classe 4
Drying: Kiln dried (KD)
Color: Red
Lifespan: Between 25 to 30 years
Origin of wood: South America
Product weight: 0.4 Kg
Package weight: 0.6 Kg
Brand: BYWUD Deck
Warranty: 25 years